This is not a brand campaign: SAE partners with Town Creative & Branding to defend its creators

As Australia’s leading specialist in creative education, the SAE Creative Media Institute (SAE) knew their branding campaign would come under industry scrutiny.

In partnership with Brisbane-based Town Creative & Branding, SAE has chosen to take its new Everything for creators brand campaign at heart, highlighting its unique talent, skills and expertise.

The bold new national campaign was filmed on the SAE Brisbane campus using SAE faculty, students and facilities and caused a stir when it launched on digital, social and outdoor at the end of October.

Everything for creators highlights SAE’s educational disciplines of animation, audio, creative industries, design, film, games, and music by showcasing seemingly ordinary objects such as a bar stool, hamburger, or a cat on a plain background.

Through a series of video and print resources, the campaign indicates that the object is not what it appears to be and shows how students are using cutting-edge techniques and cutting-edge media to turn the ordinary into something. really creative.

Each ad inspires audiences to ‘see for yourself’ and identify as a creative while providing meaning and evidence to the promise, experience and benefits of the SAE brand beyond the equipment and classrooms.

Town Creative & Branding Director Chelsea Stevenson says the brand’s campaign speaks directly and authentically to the designer.

“We recognize that creators see the world differently and our strategy must embrace that.

“We want to show an authentic side of CAS and show real students doing real work and applying their knowledge and skills.

“SAE is home to excellent students and a faculty of industry professionals, so why not use them? Stevenson said, adding that all but three of the more than 50 talents featured in the campaign were CAS students and faculty.

SAE Marketing Director Belinda McCubbin says the higher education category is saturated with testimonial marketing campaigns, but her partnership with Town Creative & Branding has allowed SAE to tell its story in a particularly special way. creative.

“We saw this as our opportunity to be bold, to be really creative and to take our rightful position as a category leader.

“Like most organizations and institutes, we don’t often get into major branding work, so when we do, we have to invest the time and do it right to really disrupt the market.

“We knew the branding campaign needed to be technically and academically sound as well as creative, so we integrated our faculty throughout the concept development phase to provide feedback, help with tactical execution, and endorse our approach. “said McCubbin.

Stevenson says that while immediacy and responsiveness are the driving force behind their respective industries, SAE’s early success Everything for creators campaign stems from the time invested in its development.

“It’s very rare to work with a client willing to take the time to go back to their brand’s roots, separate those layers, investigate what it stands for and recreate their brand from scratch,” says- she.

“We have a wonderful partnership with SAE and the resulting campaign is already resonating and engaging with current and potential students and industry professionals. “

Everything for creators is the first major campaign for SAE since it named Town Creative & Branding its advertising agency in March 2020 and it will remain in the market with new assets and new storytelling opportunities until February 2021.

SAE celebrates its 45th anniversary in Australia in 2021 and is the country’s leading provider of creative media education with more than 3,000 students on campuses in Brisbane, Byron Bay, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth.

Campaign credits
Advertising Agency: Town Creative & Branding
Customer Service Director: Chelsea Stevenson
Creative Director of the Campaign: Shay Devery
Production: Eric, Tom and Bruce
Campaign Director: Mick Soiza
Post-production: Chop Shop Post

SAE Creative Media Institute
Marketing Director: Belinda McCubbin
Senior National Marketing Director: Melissa Sealey
Campaign specialist: Kelly Garrard

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