This YouTube star is “Moving In With America.” And in Hawaii he got more than he bargained for

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) — Markian Benhamou is a Los Angeles-based social media star.

The content creator travels the country making videos for his YouTube channel.

“My goal is to live with 10 families across the United States to learn what it means to be American,” he said.

The 24-year-old calls his campaign ‘Moving in With America’. He has made five videos so far.

But his trip to Hawaii turned the script on its head.

“I went to learn about American culture, and instead I learned about Hawaiian culture. It was really insightful because I really had no background on Hawaii’s history and how people felt about it” , did he declare.

Not too long ago, Benhamou lived for three days with a local family – Hawaiiverse podcast host Kamaka Dias and his Big Island ‘ohana.

“I’m of Hawaiian descent,” Dias said. “I wanted to tell our story from us, not from someone else’s point of view.”

It wasn’t just about introducing Benhamou to the local grindz. Dias made sure Benhamou learned about Hawaiian culture, the true meaning of aloha, and America’s overthrow of the Hawaiian kingdom.

Benhamou heard comments that surprised him like:

“I would consider myself so many things before America. That’s the thing.”

“I had grandparents who weren’t allowed to speak Hawaiian.”

“We are all in trouble. We’re getting kicked out of here.

“The big one was, ‘We’re not Americans.’ said Benhamou. “Every time I asked people, ‘Do you consider yourself American?’ They said, ‘No, we’re Hawaiians.’ »

The Hawaii video is now live on Benhamou’s YouTube channel, alongside those of his stays with Cuban, Jewish, Black American and Native American families.

“I love that he uses his platform for good and gives others a voice with this platform,” Dias said.

“What I really always lead with is an open mind and an open heart,” added Benhamou.

“I am here to follow the example. I am not here to impose any of my ideas. I’m just here to learn.

He hopes his overview of the 50th state will educate his 15 million followers.

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