Unity: IronSource malware comes from ‘bad actors who abused the platform’

Engine supplier reacts to merger backlash, says IronSource’s desktop business was ‘separated years ago’

Unity has responded to criticism over its merger with IronSource, which has been branded a malware vendor by various developers via social media.

As reported in This Week In Business today, the $4.4 billion deal has sparked complaints following an incident where IronSource’s first product was classified as malware.

InstallCore was an internet application installer released in 2010, but within a few years it was blocked by software like Malwarebytes and even Microsoft’s Windows platform for installing unwanted programs.

The program was later discontinued, but the developers shared their frustration that Unity was bringing a malware-associated company into the fold.

In a statement to GamesIndustry.biza Unity spokesperson assured that IronSource no longer offers such a program.

“We see developers speaking negatively about IronSource’s involvement in malware campaigns or being behind the spread of malware, referencing old articles about historical desktop activity that has was deprecated and discontinued several years ago,” the company said.

“Like any large-scale desktop advertising platform, despite monitoring and enforcement, the desktop platform has occasionally suffered from ‘bad actors’ who attempted to abuse the platform.

“IronSource has long focused on developing products for game and mobile application developers and does not currently operate any desktop software distribution platform.”

The merger was announced on Wednesday and is expected to be finalized in the fourth quarter of 2022.

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