Valkyrae urges Twitch streamers to leave for YouTube after revenue leak


Rachell ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter urged other Twitch stars to switch to Youtube after a massive data leak from the Amazon-owned platform revealed weak spots in the website’s code, as well as how much each streamer has won over the past two years.

Valkyrae welcomed the stars to Twitch: come to YouTube.

Suggestions from the 100 Thieves co-owner arrive less than 24 hours later Twitch was the victim of a monster data breach the leaked October 6 streamer winning numbers, account details, upcoming Amazon projects, and more.

Reactions to the data leaks have been mixed. Asmonor denied earnings figures early, like several Dexerto sources, but many already have activated streamers like Hasan and Sykkuno for how much they would earn. Even Dr. Disrespect, which Twitch banned over a year ago, has been included, though he claims he simply “don’t give f ** k. “

The breach is a very good reason, Valkyrae claimed, to defect to his “safe little island” away from all the uncontrollable data breaches and leaks from Twitch – YouTube.

YouTube: Valkyrae

Valkyrae weighed in on the recent Twitch leaks during his latest YouTube feed.

“Pretty crazy day today,” the YouTuber said, before issuing an invitation to Twitch streamers looking for a change of scenery after the leak. “You know YouTube is looking to sign more streamers [at the moment]. Yeah, they are.

“The streaming side of the platform has a lot of room to develop. They work on it and focus on it. I am happy here and see how exciting they are.

“I’m not biased or anything, but YouTube doesn’t have any ads, and we’re working on a lot of other stuff right now. Also, at the moment, we haven’t been breached and all our code was leaked I don’t know everything looks scary there I love my island here It’s really nice.

“Look, I’m not casting a shadow on Twitch, but…” Valkyrae added, but paused before finishing the thought. “And no, it’s not a sponsored post.”

The related segment begins at 5:06 p.m. in the video below.

Despite switching to YouTube in 2020 ⁠ – a choice she now encourages others to make too ⁠ – Valkyrae was still among the 10,000 stars whose Twitch earnings were leaked.

The data leaked by the 100 Thieves co-owner is a bit thinner than most, however, as she traded purple for red in a rich exclusive deal over 18 months ago; Amazon monster code leak revealed that she earned $ 96,025.90 between August 2019 and his departure date January 12.

“The fact that I’m on this list and haven’t streamed on Twitch for two years is crazy,” the YouTuber said after finding her name on “It means that’s what I gained in maybe six months.”

“What do you mean not much? she then responded to a less than impressed fan. “That’s a lot! I had 3k viewers. I did really well at the time. Good job Rae!

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