Wesley Snipes adds a comic book creator to his resume with The Exiled

Wesley Snipes returns to the comic art form in a big way with The Exilea post-apocalyptic noir graphic novel that will soon seek funding on Kickstarter.

The 150-page story, which launches on Kickstarter June 21is adapted from a script that the former Blade star created alongside Adam Lawson (children and monsters, The Murder Diary) and Keith Arem, president of content creation company PCB Productions.

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A joint project between PCB Productions, Lawson’s media publishing company Gifted Rebels and Snipes’ Maandi House Studios, the exile stars Niles “Roach” Washington, a detective living in a world still dealing with the effects of a terrible gas attack. Roach finds himself pursuing a mysterious serial killer who rips out the thorns of his victims with a set of tools over 5,000 years old. As his mission progresses, the detective finds himself fighting a host of enemies from all sides.

the exile is illustrated by Gabriel “Eskivo” Santos (Knightwraith, Regulators) and colored by Valentina Bianconi (seven swords, two moons). The book’s illustrations feature an interactive element, and hidden within the panels are codes that unlock access to digital collectibles and events for eagle-eyed readers. “Comics allow you to explore big worlds. Since BladeI was drawn to the origin stories and character development,” Snipes said of the project. “Now I can build ‘Roach’ as ​​a character from scratch and I dig that.”

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Arem, who previously worked with Snipes on a video game adaptation of the 1993 sci-fi film the wrecker, said he was extremely excited to collaborate on a new project again. “I’m thrilled to be working with Wesley again. He’s a fantastic creative partner, and Adam and I love collaborating with him,” he said. “the exile is a dark reflection of what is happening in the world and a chance for us to explore new conspiracies and stories.”

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Multiple levels with multiple options to consume the story will be available as part of the exile‘s Kickstarter, including a tier for a collector’s edition of the graphic novel and a manga-sized portable edition. Day one backers also have the chance to receive a campaign-exclusive 155mm Roach figure. “This campaign will be for backers who want to travel with us,” Lawson said. “They will receive their books first and in a format that no one else will ever receive.”

Snipes has previously worked in the comics industry on Nightfalla three-issue series published by Radical Comics in 2010.

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