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It is possible to make a rough classification of software development companies

1) “Medium strong” – a software development company which was formed during the period of emergence and rapid development of the IT sector. They have experience and a sufficient number of qualified personnel and completed projects, have long-term relationships with their customers and a certain reputation. Prices are generally reasonable. Organized and executive, responsible for their products, promises and contractual obligations. Disadvantages: They can be asked to wait or refuse, because they are busy implementing the next project.

2) Large and medium-sized IT companies specializing in the automation of administrations, industrial companies, distribution chains, banking, etc. Disadvantages: high prices (interest mainly for large budgets); workload with serious and responsible projects; bureaucratic delays associated with an extensive administrative apparatus.

3) Small groups of programmers who have come together to work together or individual (freelance) developers, as well as start-up companies. Prices are democratic, sometimes they are willing to work for the monthly salary of a full-time employee. Disadvantages: staff and technical limitations that can affect the schedule and quality of the program. Not everyone can afford the cost of software products for software development, so they use unlicensed software and also save on equipment and specialists. They often fail to ensure proper implementation and maintenance. There is no guarantee that over time they will maintain and update their software product.

Pay attention to the characteristics of each of the above categories. Consider with whom cooperation will be most comfortable for you.

What determines the cost and schedule of software development

A client who has requested a software development service is usually primarily interested in the cost of the service and the terms. Despite the experience in implementing IT projects of varying complexity, we are not always able to immediately name specific numbers and dates. Estimating the cost of software development is one of the most complex problems in the industry, one that intrigues financiers and evaluators, analysts and developers, and business executives. There are different valuation methods, but in our business, we mainly focus on the labor costs of personnel, calculated in working hours.

If you have an idea for creating a software product or a mobile application, think about the features you want to see in it, describe them in more detail. You can also provide links to similar products that you like. With this description, it will be much easier for the analyst to orient himself with the need; as a result, the cost will be calculated faster and more accurately and the development schedule will be appointed.

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