YouTube adopts more features from Twitch


YouTube is rolling out new features designed to reward channel members in a way similar to how subscribers are rewarded on Twitch.

The new perks could entice more users to purchase paid subscriptions, which equates to more revenue for creators.

Learn more about YouTube channel subscriptions and the new benefits added.

YouTube Channel Membership Milestones

Before we get into the news update, let’s clear up some confusing verbiage.

What is a “Member” of a YouTube channel?

YouTube channels that are part of the company’s monetization program are eligible to offer paid subscriptions to supporters.

A “member” of a channel refers to a supporter who pays a monthly fee in exchange for exclusive content.


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This is different from a “subscriber” to a channel, that is, someone who follows the channel for free.

On Twitch, the word ‘subscriber’ means the exact opposite, referring to someone who pays a recurring monthly fee to support the creator.

What does a member of a YouTube channel get?

YouTube “Members” and Twitch “Subscribers” enjoy a set of benefits that become more and more comparable over time.

Currently, channel members receive personalized badges and emojis, exclusive videos, member-only live broadcasts, and access to a community post feed.

YouTube now adds membership milestones as a benefit for those who keep their membership active month to month.


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A membership milestone allows a user to send a highlighted message during a live broadcast that shows how long they have been a member.

Twitch offers a similar benefit to recurring subscribers, allowing them to send a highlighted message for free with each subscription renewal.

This has value for supporters, as it normally costs money to send highlighted messages during live chats.

Other options for sending a highlighted message during a YouTuber’s live broadcast include Super Chats and Super Stickers, both of which users have to pay for.

This feature is available to members who are at least in their second consecutive month as a member.

Members can send one special highlighted message per month during a live broadcast each month they remain active.

Membership status messages will be highlighted in live chats the same way new members are currently celebrated.

They are highlighted in green and pinned to the live chat ticker for a certain period of time. They will also appear in the spectator activity tab in the live control room.

How can this help creators?

For YouTube creators, this feature can help attract more channel members

Once people start to see the membership step messages in the chat, they may feel motivated to sign up on their own.


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The goal of launching this feature, according to the company, is to increase the value offered to members of a chain without additional effort on the part of the creator.

It can help increase membership and encourage them to stay longer.

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