YouTube hires tech YouTuber Rene Ritchie as new creator liaison

Rene Ritchie, the former editor of the site dedicated to Apple iMore Full-time YouTuber for two years, joins YouTube as new Creator Liaison, he announced on Wednesday. As Creator Liaison, Ritchie will serve within YouTube as a Creator Advocate and work with creators to help them better understand YouTube, he said.

On YouTube, Ritchie has grown his own channel to over 325,000 subscribers, and I consider myself one of them. The majority of his videos are deep dives into Apple-focused topics, and I learn a lot from his truly encyclopedic knowledge of the company.

Ritchie has clearly worked hard to network within the YouTube community; his video announcing his new work features custom clips from many creators, including big names like MrBeast, iJustine, and MKBHD. As YouTube continues to expand features like Shorts, live streaming, and improved comment spam removal tools, Ritchie’s experience building his own channel, his relationships with other creators, and his in-depth knowledge of technology makes him an ideal candidate for the liaison role.

Ritchie will be YouTube’s second Creator Liaison. The first, Matt Koval, left YouTube in February. As part of this role, Ritchie will support the Twitter account @YouTubeLiaison — his face is already the avatar of the account. And even though he has a new job, Ritchie says he will continue to work on his personal YouTube channel.

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