YouTube is rolling out new content-specific creator analytics for YouTube shorts and live streams

Once upon a time, YouTube users visited the platform to capture their favorite long videos. Their favorite channels and creators would download them and those videos would be viewable anytime after the request.

Those days are long gone. YouTube now offers several different types of content, from quick 60-second videos, called YouTube Shorts, to live videos. The platform even allows creators to post articles with text, images, and polls.

However, YouTube’s analytics for creators haven’t really updated over time. Audience, engagement, and other relevant data have been displayed equally across these different types of content, without considering the different ways these types of content are consumed or how users interact with them.


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YouTube is changing that. The platform provided Mashable with a preview of its new analytics view so creators can better understand how their different types of content are performing.

YouTube’s new content type analytics
Credit: YouTube

Creators will probably first notice that the “Audience” and “Engagement” tabs in YouTube Studio’s Analytics have been replaced with a new “Content” tab. Previously, these two tabs broke down audience, watch time, traffic sources, and other data for channel content as a whole. The new Content tab, however, will provide options to further break down data by content type. Creators will notice the ‘Video’, ‘Shorts’, ‘Live’ and ‘Messages’ tabs which will provide reach and engagement data that was previously not broken down by content types.

For creators who want to see all the data together as it was previously displayed before the update, the “All” tab will also take care of that. (The only caveat is that content-specific analytics are only available for videos created on or after January 1, 2022. However, YouTube points out that no historical analytics data has been deleted and can still be seen in the “All” tab.)

The ability to separate content types in analytics is a huge change for creators. As some YouTubers have found success with YouTube Shorts, for example, it doesn’t make sense to compare watch time data for these 60-second clips to long-form content that provides users with significantly more runtime minutes.

Analysis of YouTube shorts

YouTube Shorts’ analytics specifically break down data specific to shortened content.
Credit: YouTube

“We hope that by creating the Content tab and separating these formats in Analytics, our creators will have the information they need to customize a content plan that best helps them achieve their goals,” said Robin Zueger, YouTube Analytics Product Manager, exclusively for Mashable.

According to Zueger, YouTubers who create across all of YouTube’s video mediums – the “multi-format creator” – will particularly benefit from these changes as it will help them better “connect their community with the right content at the right time”.

“The ability for creators to see and compare the audience of different video formats will help them develop content strategies that work best for their channel and community,” Zueger explained.


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And that change is just the beginning, too. Zueger said creator feedback will “inform next steps” for YouTube to “help creators on YouTube move seamlessly between the formats available on the platform.” Zueger brought up the fact that YouTube live streams already provide chat messages and simultaneous viewing data, which is unique only to this video format.

For viewers, YouTube has previously rolled out content tabs on channel pages on mobile that allow fans to simply view short films, live streams, or uploaded video content. The company is exploring even more ways to become even more specific for each type of content.

“We think there’s more opportunity to really customize the analysis of each type of content specific to the particular aspects of its format,” Zueger said. “We look forward to building on this model in future versions of YouTube Analytics.”

Some YouTubers may have already started noticing the change, as the video platform has started rolling out the new analytics system. YouTube has confirmed to Mashable that everyone should roll out the update to their YouTube studio by May 31. Creators will notice the change on desktop, iOS, and Android.

With this new analytics breakdown, YouTube also reinforces its commitment to these types of content defining the YouTube platform going forward. That’s good news if you’re a creator who’s had success with YouTube’s new offerings like YouTube Shorts.

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