YouTube star Ryan Taylor disqualified for brutal headbutt in boxing debut

Ryan Taylor faced DK Money in the undercard of Deji’s clash with Alex Wassabi in London but headbutted his opponent in the first round

Ryan Taylor was disqualified after HEADBUTTED DK Money in the first round of their grudge fight.

The YouTubers took to the ring in London under the card of Deji’s fight against Alex Wassabi which headlined the latest Showstar Boxing event.

But Taylor, who later complained of being hit low, shockingly punched his opponent for no reason in the opener.

DK Money was sent to the canvas and the fight was immediately called off.

Reacting to the whim, Stromedy, who had fought earlier and was in the DK Money corner, said Battle Mirror: “That was fucking shit!” Stromeda.

“I don’t know what happened, that’s what I’m trying to guess. ‘What the fuck was that?!’

The crowd then rioted reacting to the action, with the emcee pleading with fans to sit down.


There were a number of famous faces in the crowd, including former world heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua.

Derek Chisora ​​was also there to lend his support, as was Deji’s brother, KSI, who was instrumental in sparking interest in YouTube boxing with those rivalries with Joe Weller and Logan Paul.

Earlier in the night, Salt Papi edged out Halal Ham in the first fight of the evening.

The second fight saw Stromedy did the same with Austin Sprinz in four rounds as the Canadian raised his hand.

Anthony Taylor, who was beaten by Tommy Fury last year, faced Jay Cucciniello in what was essentially a short-term staged exhibition fight.

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Neither man was particularly interested in winning, but it was Cucciniello who came out on top on the judges’ scorecards.

Later, in a super heavyweight clash, Armz Korleone took on Minikon with both men swinging for the hills.

Minikon had the better of the early exchanges but Armz Korleone started to take over in the third round.

And Minikon landed a big right hand in the final session as the American looked for a save.

Armz Korleone was exhausted but took another left on the bell before the Briton was given the nod by two of the three judges while the third scored the bout a draw.

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